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    Tips for Renters in Columbus, Ohio

    It’s the beginning of summer and it’s the best time of the year to start marketing your property.

    Publishing your Columbus, Ohio rental property online in the spring for summer move-in dates is smart for a number of reasons.

    1. The warm weather brings out more individuals to rental unit showings and your rental homes will have better curb appeal with a fresh, blooming landscape.
    2. It’s easier for your tenants to move in, as they won’t have to deal with snow and cold weather.
    3. Most prospective renters begin searching for property availability in the spring and early summer months.
    4. Short term and immediate move-ins are expected during this time.
    5. Warm weather is just the most popular time to move!

    Also, it is common for families to begin their rental property searches during spring. With one school year ending and another beginning in a matter of months, families will want to sign a lease and move in the summer to get settled prior to the beginning of school.

    By negotiating lease anniversary dates properly, landlords will capture families in need of rental homes.