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Dublin Green - To be located just west of the intersection of US 33 and SR 161 in northwest Columbus (Dublin), Ohio, Dublin Green is a planned 400,000 SF retail center on 38 acres of land fronting on SR 161. The City of Dublin recently commenced construction on roadway/interchange improvements in the area of the site. Those improvements include the relocation of (north-south) Industrial Parkway that will bisect the Dublin Green site after the relocation. They also include a complete reconstruction of the interchange at 33/161. The site is directly across SR 161 from the City of Dublin’s Innovation Center, a development effort by the City to provide sites for high-tech facilities. Demographics within 1, 5 and 10-mile radii of the site are exceptionally strong with the City of Dublin being among the most affluent and fastest-growing municipalities in the country. Click to Enlarge Dublin Green